Awful poetry of a tortured middle class white kid living in Portland

Out of fairness to Andrew, I’d like to present this piece of garbage. Thought I was going to crack the poetry world right open and turn it on its head. Credit where it’s due, Andrew at age 24 writes better than I did at age 26.


Drownin my sorrows at Alberta Street Pub
Lookin for a mic not lookin for love
In a rage I took a stage and I saw ya there gawkin
Thought you were cute, staring at me talkin
Never thought it could compute, us getting together
We met under the roof in the wet wet weather
You offered me a smoke and I said I’d better…
Or at least that’s what I thought.
Next thing I know, we’re sharing our dreams
Rappin bout love and trivial things
Saw you had a matching Schwinn, so where do I begin
Sure I’ll take your number, but we gotta be friends
Understand baby, I’m damaged like an Audi
I’m rock n roll rustic and occasionally rowdy
I’m broke merchandise with no receipt
Not the kind of lover lover that you wantin to keep
Next thing I know, we’re out for some food
Chilling on a patio. Sunshine: the mood
I say where from here? You say “I don’t care.”
“We could go to Powells Books or just get impaired.”
You had an idea I’d not considered
“I know a hot tub,” and then you delivered
Us to the apartments way down in Southwest
It didn’t take long before we got undressed
Things led to things led to things led to naked
Next thing I know, we’re in your room getting bak-ed


It was like all the stuff the Hindus do
Not just a fuck, not just a screw
But eternity out of time with no curfew
And I ask how is it I never knew you?
She says “I gotta tell you, and this is hard
I’ll soon be lost like a business card
Taking a job (I’m no-responsin)
Taking a job out in Wisconsin”
So I say no sweat, we’ll just do our best
To enjoy each other and forget the rest
For two weeks we did and that shit was magic
Even with the horizon tragic
Quote the King, you were my good luck charm
We were wrapped like presents around the arms
You worked in a chocolate shop
That’s right
And sweets you brought
Each and every night
I liked your friends, you liked mine
Everything was cool, everything was fine
But the day came you left, I broke the fuck down
Just another lost soul in Puddle Town


Seven months later, just after Christmas
You fly back in at the top of my gift list
Our eyes meet up and you’re all like “You miss this?”
I say lets go, tell me all bout your business
Caught some coffee and walked in the rain
Turned your head up with grins and no complaints
Your sunshine was there but it wasn’t the same
And I think you knew like you’d forgotten my name
Picked up some vinyl, witnessed your smile
And I thought mayyybe?
I was in.
20 minutes later I drop you at the MAX
You had other friends to meet, had to get there fast
We went in for the hug but it turned into a kiss
But not like the old days.
This kiss
Pulled away for a second
Then moved forward
You put up your finger
Said the dreaded “NO” word
You said it was great… you had a great morning
Then you stepped out my ride, the rain was pouring
Watched you walk away out my life once again
Should’ve known it from the start
Should’ve just stayed friends.


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